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Anthony Reynolds

As Senior Partner, Anthony recalls when MSE was just a series of sketches on a notepad. He is now tasked with empowering more young talent to create a positive ethos and realise the company’s big ambitions owing to its massive success and outreach in 2019.

Laura Bampton

As Senior Partner, Laura has been with MSE from the early days. Her passion for the natural environment and creating positive change has helped to shape MSE’s values. She encourages and inspires the team to be environmentally responsible that has paved the way for the MSE Green initiative.

Agne Kubiliute

Having joined the team in 2018 as a video editor, Agne has significantly contributed towards creating and editing graphics and visual content for MSE. Her background in Film Production helps her to put her exceptional creative ideas and artistic skills to use.

Aish Parui

Aish brings years of invaluable experience in teaching, sales, recruitment and marketing during her time overseas in Singapore and here in the UK. As a Marketing and Sales Specialist, her speciality is relationship building and hopes to offer excellent service to MSE’s new and existing clients.

Harry James

Driven by his belief in delivering valuable content, Harry is the outstanding Head of Content for MSE.  He is also a dog lover and creative content-building enthusiast specialising in social media content for MSE.
Favourite quote ‘With no hair comes great responsibility‘ – Unknown

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