About MSE

MSE plans to change the way that teenagers receive information about school, uni, events and important issues – essentially we are becoming a peer-to-peer platform. We hold strong values about how we can empower the younger generation to communicate, while continuing to highlight social and environmental responsibilities. As you can see, the majority of our staff are currently studying at school and college just like you!

Laura Hurst

Laura is a year 13 student, currently studying Maths, Geography, and Psychology at A Level. She enjoys reading, musicals and hanging out with her pets: Daisy-Duke (her cat), and Piper Morley (her hamster).

Heather Dowinton

Heather is a sixth form student, studying Media, Film and Sociology. You may not see her often on camera but she has a passion for filming and editing behind the scenes, so stay tuned on social media you may get a glimpse of her there!

Matthieu Mayer

Matthieu is a sixth form student who enjoys studying English, Media Studies, and Drama & Theatre. You will most often see him messing about in front of the camera and just enjoying each day as it comes.

Shaznay Modi-Wilson

Shaznay is from London and attends the Norwood School Sixth Form. She studies English Literature, Drama & Film Studies and enjoys anything creative including writing, sketching and makeup. She loves making content for MSE and is looking forward to studying English Literature and Drama at university.

Molly Nixon

Molly is a year twelve student, studying maths, law and economics at Newcastle Sixth Form College. She is looking forward to getting into her new role as Freelance Media Talent, and you are likely to find her discussing anything from music to politics!

Millie Robinson

Millie is in sixth form studying Film, Business and Photography. She has a passion for the production of videos and mostly works behind the MSE cameras, although she can often be found on our Snapchat and Instagram!

Emily Squance

Emily is a second year college student from Cardiff, studying for her final year of A-Levels. She is taking Graphic Communication, Media Studies, Photography and the Welsh Baccalaureate. Emily has a passion for media production and is excited to see where her role at MSE takes her!

Jade Irish

Jade is a year 13 student studying RS, Maths and Physics, though drama is what she enjoys doing most. She is more used to being on the stage, but is keen to use those skills in front of the camera. In the future, Jade hopes that more and more people of her age will enjoy MSE and is excited to see where the company goes.

Ash O'Brien

Ash is a Year 12 student at Newcastle Sixth Form College studying Sociology, Politics and English Literature. Her role is a Freelance Talent at MSE and she is excited to grow the company’s influence.

Naadia Simons-Jacobs

Naadia is in Year 13, studying Psychology, Media and Art. She wants to do animation in the future and looks forward to all that MSE has to offer. Naadia hopes she can share a fun, vibrant outlook of London.

Chris Black

Chris is the newest member of the MSE team, but he has quickly made himself at home both on and off the camera! He studies art, music, and french, and is looking forward to showing off his creative side whilst at MSE.

Millie Roberts-Bee

Millie is 16 years old and in year 12. She studies psychology, sociology and English language. She loves filming videos for projects and being on stage, and although new to MSE she's very excited to be part of the team.

Crystal Nyarko

Crystal is in her second year of sixth form at La Retraite, studying Art, English Literature, and Media Studies. She is looking forward to sharing her fun but very academic year with everyone.

Kira Gorman

Kira is in Year 13 studying Physics, Maths and Economics. She does drama outside of school which she really enjoys and is excited to be a part of the MSE team

Joe Brown

Joe is a performing arts student at Cardiff and Vale College, you will find him on stage, in the studio or filming dance videos for his social media.

Min Hua Luo

Min is a Year 13 student studying English Literature, Economics and Theology. She likes learning about other cultures, as well as learning other languages (and trying out a range of cuisines!). She looks forward to meeting a range of people on the MSE team and helping other students around the UK.

Hannah Abraham

Hannah is in her final year of sixth form studying Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further maths. She enjoys having a laugh and letting loose whilst making videos. She is excited to see MSE's values impact more and more people.

Emily Herrera

Emily is a year 13 student from London currently studying Biology, Geography, Psychology and doing an EPQ. She loves working with MSE and can’t wait to see how it grows as well as make content for you to see and enjoy.

Dylan Eveleigh

Dylan is currently in his second year of A-levels studying Media Studies, English Literature, Law, and the Welsh Baccalaureate. An avid fan of politics, art, and technology, Dylan enjoys nothing more than to read, write and discuss big topics. He's also partial to a bit of cycling in his free time.

Thea Jobson

Thea is a year 12 student at Newcastle Sixth Form College who is currently studying sociology, psychology, art craft & design. She enjoys all things creative like art, music and fashion. She is looking forward to incorporating her creative side into her videos with MSE.

Poppy Hunt

Poppy is currently studying her second year of A levels in Cardiff, namely Photography, Media Studies, English Literature, and the Welsh Baccalaureate. Her real passion lies with photography, which she hopes to pursue in the near future, and she enjoys exploring social issues and politics through her artwork. She is delighted to be given the opportunity to work with MSE, and is excited to see what the future brings for her.

George Robert

George is a recently finished sixth form student who studied Media and Film studies. He has recently joined MSE however has racked up personal experience running his own YouTube channel.

Agne Kubiliute

Agne is a Film Production graduate and an artist in many different ways. Joining MSE as a video editor, she is looking forward to help build a future for the company by sharing her creative ideas and skills.

Alastair Renshaw

Alastair is our Sales and Marketing Executive. His experience and friendly demeanour allow MSE to grow and reach out to new areas, escalating our vision and building on our values.

Laura Bampton

As Senior Partner, Laura has been with MSE from the early days. Her passion for the natural environment and creating positive change is helping to shape MSE's values.

Anthony Reynolds

As Founder and Senior Partner, Anthony recalls when MSE was just a series of sketches on a notepad. He is now tasked with empowering young talent to create a positive ethos and realise the company's big ambitions.